Thursday, August 6, 2009

Rant on Eclipse

If you at least once thought about programming in Java, you must have heard about Eclipse. Well, I'm playing around with the Android SDK, learning Java at the same time. While using Eclipse to code for Android is very easy and straightforward, Eclipse itself is a monstrous bloat of an application. I barely have one project and five files open and Eclipse is using up 400MB of memory. Don't believe me? Check for yourself: Quite annoying. And this is nothing, one time it happened that Eclipse was using 700MB with only a couple of files open. I'm not sure whether this is Eclipse's fault or Java's fault, but I think it's a bit of both. Eclipse's fault is that it's a huge application with tons of features you will never ever use. Java's fault is that it was never designed to run desktop applications (in my opinion). Because Java runs in a virtual machine, it can not give memory back to the host OS, so it just keeps using more and more, until it explodes, creating a black hole in your motherboard where the memory chips used to live. Bah, end of rant.

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