Sunday, March 29, 2009

Why Oracle is stupid

We're learning Oracle SQL in school. Now, this may seem a good thing, but it is not, unfortuantely. For one, the Oracle "enhanced" SQL blows. It is completely un-standard and to quote an experienced programmer: "If you want to learn assbackward SQL, learn Oracle". To quote another experienced programmer, "It's a great hole in the ground into which money can be poured". The only good thing about Oracle is that big companies use it for the support they provide (if that can be called good). What bugs me the most, though, is the way they are force feeding it into our brains. They are teaching us each and every command we will never use in our entire lifetime. Why? I and all the programmers I know always code with the documentation opened. So when I need to know about a function, or anything else, I just search the documentation and find what I need to know. Naturally, the things I use most will remain in my memory after a (short) while and I won't have to search the documentation for it again. But there's absolutely no reason why I should remember everything. It's just stupid. And even if I learn everything now and pass my exams, I'll forget it by the end of the month. So what's the point? I get a certificate (for which I pay €100) that proves... What? I don't know, but I hope it proves something.

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