Friday, April 24, 2009

Transmission BitTorrent on a headless server

I never would have thought installing a WebUI-based torrent client could be so easy. I have a 24/7 running server, on Ubuntu 8.10 Server Edition, so I thought I should try to install a BitTorrent client so I can download torrents even when my PC is turned off, so I can add torrents while away etc. The client of choice was Transmission. I use this on the desktop, too, and the only down side I can find to it is that it doesn't yet support DHT trackerless downloading, which really speeds up your downloads. Anyway, they're working on it (from what I've heard). They never make this obvious anywhere, but to get Transmission up and running really fast, all you have to do is: $ sudo apt-get install transmission-cli $ transmission-daemon After that, just navigate to http://your-server:9091/ and there you have it! The only thing you should still do is install an init.d script so you can run Transmission as another user and automatically on system start-up, which is documented here (and pretty easy). Although the init.d script can't stop Transmission for me (I don't know why, it just hangs), I can always kill it ;)... or wait more than 5 seconds before doing that. Anyway, Transmission is incredibly easy to set up and incredibly efficient, but the Web UI lacks a few features. For example, you can't add a torrent by URL -- you have to download it from the torrent website and upload it to your server, which is a bit annoying. Also, you can't specify a download folder when adding a torrent, all torrents go to the default folder (which you can change, of course). But anyway, all around, it's a good app :).

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  1. The latest version of transmission-cli allows adding a torrent by URL.