Thursday, September 24, 2009

Android Market Share

@wbm Agreed that android needs more market share before you should care.
Do you think that's true? I beg to differ. Getting your foot in early can earn you recognition on a new platform pretty easily. Let me explain: if you were to develop some awesome app for the iPhone right now, you would find it at the bottom of an over saturated App Store, amongst mostly mediocre products which no one bothers to browse. Most iPhone users just install Facebook, some Twitter client and a couple of silly games. Instead, the Android Market is hungry for new apps (not only because it's new, but also because of the emphasis that Google puts on third-party development and the general openness of the platform), and getting a head start can really make a difference. Your application gets a lot more exposure on the Android Market and the chances of it becoming a hit later are much more increased. Sure, it's a bit more risk, but I think it's worth it.

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